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CSV Data Import/Export
Automated NULL value Fixing
Automated Removal of NULL value Rows
Transform using Group By Filter
Transform using Filter by search
Detail Data Summary
Detail Null value Column Summary
Data Source

Recce Studio supports CSV file uploading as a data source. CSV file size is not limited to any particular file size.

Data Wrangling

Data Wrangling module to Recce Studio provides a lot of features for transforming the dataset.

Sample Datasets

Recce Studio comes with many pre-install datasets to play around.

Our Working Process

Our process on transforming data.
  • 1. Data Source

    Load data into the Recce Studio or use sample pre-install datsets.

  • 2. Transform

    Transform your data using Recce Studio many built-in features.

  • 3. Save

    Save your changes. Recce Studio also auto-saving your transformed changes while data is loaded into Recce Studio.

  • 4. Export

    Export your transformed dataset as a CSV file to your target location.


    Data Sources


    Transformation Features


    Sample Datasets


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    Recce is a stand-alone desktop-based interactive 'No Code' python powered user interface (UI) based data analysis tool for improving/increasing data analysis productivity.

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